Rob was one of my awesome Kickstarter benefactors. We took these images out in west Marin, the Presidio and at his house. I am always so nervous about shooting in the rain (ruining my camera), but I loved it. It was totally fun and not half as scary as I imagined... of course it was just fog and drizzle. Rob is now traveling Brasil and South America. Soaking up the rays.


J. said...

Hey! Are you still in Austin?
Joyce from Anthropologie

I am Frankie Norstad said...

I am!

Blue Cobra 427 said...

I love you and your work, Frankie. Inspiring writing and photography!

Have you seen "Superstar - The Karen Carpenter Story"? It is right up your alley - It's an art film made in the 80s,told using Barbie Dolls, about Karen Carpenter's life and death, and struggles with Anorexia. You can find it on YouTube.

I am local, but I want to make a movie like that on a different yet important subject - would love to meet and discuss ideas with you...

I found your card at Cafe Aroma, which led to your site.