First off, let me start by saying I Love New York. I know every time I come here, I preach things of a similar vein, but this time I plan to do something about it. I have decided that I am moving to NYC in January. It's where I know I need to be for my career, art and soul.

Now that that's been covered...

ADC- the Art Directors Club, holds a contest every year called Young Guns. Fifty young creatives, of all mediums, win awards. The art was amazing. I just became a member of the ADC and I hadn't been to their space previously. It is a beautiful open gallery space with an upstairs balcony and an alcove for viewing films. The art ranged from incredible paintings to booklets to illustrated videos to photographs and so forth. They really covered every medium that hits the public eye commercially.

One of the first things that stood out to me- besides all of the attractive people- was the hot dogs. Everyone was carrying around hot dogs on a little paper shell. I thought this was weird, until, I approached the hot dog table to find an array of about 15 different kinds of hot dogs... well the dog part was the same across the table, but the toppings were all Asian inspired- Japanese dog, Thai dog, Vietnamese dog. I ate one that had shredded mango and cilantro toppings, and by the end of the evening I was swapping half dogs with another fellow who also felt compelled to stuff his face. We shared some dog with BBQ ribs on top, one with warm patè and another with kimchi. Delish.

I took the A train back to Ms. Harmons house and awoke at 7am to head to the PDN Photo Expo. The first seminar I signed up for was a marketing seminar headed up by Debra Weiss with panelists Andrea Kaye, Joann Tansman and Matt Seminara... The whole panel had experience in various parts of the industry. Overall I took 8 seminars ranging from marketing to website to portfolio and fine art.

For now, I have to switch to iPhoning it as I am running out the door.

love love love.