the first Opening



I'm Hung! (And currently in NYC)


So the show is officially up at it's first stop- Cafe Aroma in San Rafael. The artist who was showing before me was extremely specific in the placement of his images, using a carpenter and level to get everything just right, so I asked him if he could just leave his nails up for me. This saved a lot of time. We got to the cafe at around 9am, ordered coffee and started the process of bringing things in. About an hour into the process I posted a photo of us working on Facebook and within a half hour two different friends showed up to help out. I have known David since I was 15 working at a video store. His kids are my age and he is probably the most present adult male in my life. He is particularly talented in technical and traditionally manly matters. My friend Miguel worked with me at a boutique camera store when I was 20. He is a talented fine artist with a lot of experience hanging shows. Having them there sped up the process greatly.

At about noon my friends Justine and Sam showed up. Justine is also a super talented free spirited artist. Having her input was great. We moved things around a bit and swapped a few images out. It felt like everyone was there at the perfect moment. Higher timing. Livia offered the spine of the show keeping me on track, David offered all of the other bones to make up the structure, Miguel offered the flesh and Justine offered the final wrapping of the package- the skin. I suppose if I were to be a body part in this analogy, I'd be the heart. It was all perfect.

And! I was so grateful that 80% of images were printed on the high gloss. The owner of the lab was absolutely correct. They are stunning. The sheer ones are also outstanding but they need so much additional light to make them pop in the same way. The high gloss is definitely desirable. I am really grateful for that *mistake*. They look edible and delicious.

The next day Livia left for New York and I left for Austin. I was only there for 3 days... because I impulsively bought a plane ticket to NYC for $67. So, Saturday I hopped on a plane to go to the Big Apple, which is where I am now. I am staying with my cousin Ian and his wife Alexa in Brooklyn. They are so very sweet. We went our first night to a beard contest that one of my backers was judging. (I have now met 3 of my backers in person!) The beard contest was outstanding. I was not expecting to be met with the outstanding caliber of facial hair that was present. Unfortunately I was starving and tired so we left before the winners were announced. (Which, honestly is probably better. Who wants to see dejected drunk bearded men? They will stay on stage, impressive and confident in my mind.)

The following day I met up with Livia to go to the Levis Photo Workshops where two friends (one being the beard judge) were working. I was confused as to what the Levis Photo Workshops were. Apparently it is a huge, brilliant, marketing idea. They are offering free use of 5 studio shooting bays with top of the line camera and lighting equipment, access to 8 Mac computers with the latest image editing software, high quality photo printers and a t-shirt printer. It's pretty wild. It seemed like there must be a catch. The only obvious catch is that everyone and their mother wants to be there. Great marketing. It's a very nice idea and a very nice space.

So now I am in NYC. One of my goals while I am here are to find a place to have the show... which I am debating: cafe or gallery? I don't even know if I could get into a gallery, but the images are really nice. The other thing is that, even though it is less *prestigious*, I kind of prefer the lowbrow atmosphere and steady flow of people that a cafe show offers. Hmm...

Also while I am in town I have a meeting with someone from a major publishing house who has requested pages from my book a couple times. I have spent the last few days polishing up some a few chapters. I am very excited and anxious about this. Monday is my meeting, wish me luck!