Deaths and blogspot

England was amazing. The wedding was in Huddersfield which is a town North of Manchester, South of Leeds. We were there for 4 days, then Timothy and I headed to Manchester for an afternoon and then onto London to stay with my friend Katie O'brien a performance artist.

I loved it over there. The wedding was beautiful and it was sunny 6 out of 7 days. I usually never shoot weddings. This is because they are insane. Everybody says "I want something unique... I don't want traditional wedding photos... I really want your style in the pictures." What they don't realize is a) They do want traditional wedding photos and b) "my style" takes hours to set up each shot and stylize, and it usually doesn't consist of a bride, a groom and Great Aunt Jeanie. But this was family and it was really fun. It made me think that maybe... just maybe I would shoot another one.







A photographer friend of mine suggested I make a DVD introducing myself with some photos... So I did.  

I take suggestions.  Go ahead and give me some.

So I had a dream last night that I was talking to the building manager of my loft and I was telling him how I needed to get out of our lease because I had a business opportunity in London.  

Is this a premonition?

I leave Tuesday for the UK.  I am thrilled.  I just got my passport on Friday... I like to live on the edge.  And I have not packed yet.  However I did purchase a new lens to shoot with while I am there.  

On Friday I also met with the Ford Agency in SF to talk to them about what they need from shoots, also about scouting models- as I always seem to run into stunning people who... once they find out I am a photographer, want me to jumpstart their career as a super model.  It was a good meeting.  They were nice, however model and talent agencies always sort of creep me out.  Everyone has a huge ego... or at least they put on that front.  I get that you are working with pretty people that are making a bunch of money, but seriously... you are just the pimp. 

I am also finding it an interesting learning experience to blog honestly.  My last blog was extremely honest, I had a lot of readers and received tons of hits daily.  Then myspace booted my profile :(  I hadn't backed up any of my blogs, so it has been hard getting back on the blogging wagon.  It is like writing a novel and having your one copy burnt in a fire.  

This time I have opted to not blog about super personal life stuff- unless it is really funny- but to instead focus on my photography, my goals and being a young up and coming artist.  Which is I think much harder than just telling you guys about all the silly nonsense in my life.  It is also hard to show all of yourself when your career name is tied to it.  Like if I tell you guys about the time I sat on the shower drain and my butt cheek accidently got hickied in the shape of the drain- would you think I am a complete freak and not hire me...

You tell me?  How much over-disclosure should one participate in when blogging?